New Beginnings, adventures and a stage


It’s been just over a month since we pulled down the tents, put the wagons to bed in their barn and our winter travels have begun. Last year we traveled south east Asia and cooked through Australia together as a group. You’d think we’d be sick of each other after 6 months at Giffords! Not a bit of it. Right now some of us are on trips in Europe, Hungary, Romania, Germany and France, there’s been a trip to Marrakesh, back to Asia to Thailand, Bali and Indonesia for a bit of a starter. We’re all back to the UK to spend Christmas with our families before regrouping and then we’re all going to eat our way through South America including Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chili, and of course we’ve booked Rio carnival in brazil. Circus Sauce is hitting South America!  It’s a hard life!


We’re also pleased to announce that we are building a new restaurant and tent for 2018. The team will be back in full force with the Kitchenettes who have requested a new puppet stage. It was hard to say our emotional goodbye to the old restaurant with so much time spent in there and so many memories made but it’s time to move on. Our biggest challenge of course is to keep the feel, the intimacy and warmth that we created in that beautiful tent over the past 15 years. But fear not, we will still use oak tables, wax dripped candelabras, miss-matched cutlery, grand platters, glass tumblers, tapestries and festoons as our instruments with a bustling kitchen, hearty nostalgia and a damn good show for good measure.


Tickets are now available for 2018 and please avoid disappointment, make sure you book!